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The end is upon us

The world’s most advanced military technology has fallen into the wrong hands.

Now the slightest misstep could trigger the end of all things.

With the clock ticking, it is up to Jane Hunter and Eric Hill to try to stop the coming collapse.

The #1 Amazon Bestseller

“An amazing read. The Last Sword Maker has everything. A riveting story, fascinating characters, cutting-edge technology and, of course, romance. Great!”
      -Moíses Naím, The Atlantic

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"One of the Best Books of the Year"
- The Economist

Named by CNN as one of the top five books for understanding modern Venezuela.

Spanish-Language Edition

#1 Bestseller in Venezuela for five months

The Alphonso
Mayo Project

Documenting a Life on Baltimore’s West Side

Abandoned as an infant in a crack house, Alphonso rose to beat the odds. 

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